Stacy’s Tip of the Week 12.11.17 ShoreTel Connect Client: Park & Unpark

Park allows you to take a call currently on your phone and park it on another person’s phone, so that they can pick it up.  It is essentially placing your call on hold on another person’s phone.

To park a call simply press the park soft key, enter the extension you wish to park the call on and press park again to confirm or wait several seconds.

Let’s say you are on an active call with a colleague, but you need to attend a meeting.  You wish to park the call on a specific extension so that another colleague can assist.  To do this push the park soft key.


This will place the call on hold and prompt you for an extension to park the call to, enter the extension you wish to park the call on, then press park again.

Your call has been parked on the extension you entered.



** Note that you cannot enter an external number for park functionality.

Unpark is a soft function that available when you are not currently on a call.

It allows you to retrieve a call that is currently parked or on hold on another user’s phone.


If you need to unpark a call from another user’s phone, first click the unpark soft key.  Enter the extension of the user that the on-hold call is on, then press unpark again.



The parked call will now be answered on your phone.  When you unpark a parked or held call not only does the call transfer to your phone from the other phone but it is automatically answered on your phone as soon as the transfer completes.

IMG_0460 (002)

** Note that if the other party does not answer a parked call after a set amount of time the call will be returned to your phone automatically.

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