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Scared of Speaking? 5 Tips for Better Public Communication

Widely known as the #1 fear among Americans, public speaking can be a scary thing. According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, about 74% of people report they have some form of speech anxiety. That’s the feeling you get right before a big presentation or speech that produces symptoms like sweaty palms, an upset stomach, and maybe even body trembling. It’s annoying, distracting, and most people would agree they’d like to have some tools to stop it from happening. The good news is that it is possible to control the problem, but it takes some practice and preparation.
Here are our 5 helpful tips to help decrease the anxiety for better public communication:
1. Preparation is Key
The problem for public speaking is usually the nervousness it causes. However, those nerves can be significantly decreased with proper preparation. Going over and outlining exactly what it is you will say helps to improve the delivery of your speaking as well as the quality of the information you are presenting. Most often, public speaking goes horribly wrong when someone has not thought through or practiced what they were going to say beforehand. Also, if you will be public speaking time and time again, ask someone to videotape it so you can identify some of the unconscious things you do that may be distracting to your audience.  
2. Focus on the Opportunity
Many times we are so focused on “getting it over with” when it comes to public speaking that we don’t give any appreciation to the opportunity we have been given. You have been asked to speak to a particular audience because your knowledge and expertise is of value to them, and that’s something to embrace and appreciate. When you walk into a public speaking environment, try to change your mindset from simply getting through it to an opportunity for you to educate and help others.
3. Make Eye Contact
Eye contact has always been an important communication tool, and even in today’s tech-savvy world, eye contact remains key when it comes to public speaking. Don’t just gaze over the eyes of your listeners either, try to look deeply into them. Doing so makes the audience feel a direct connection with the speaker, keeping them engaged and eager for more of what you are saying.
4. Make Friends with TED

There are some amazing public speakers out there today, and they are available right at your fingertips. TED Talks are some of the most viewed and highly-rated public speakers today. Observe the various ways they are able to connect and motivate their audiences, then try to replicate those observations within your own speech delivery.
5. Watch Your Watch
Did you know the average attention span of an adult is 20 minutes? A common problem among many public speakers is talking too long making their point about something they’ve already articulated. Making the first 20 minutes of your speech the most informative and dynamic it can be is key to an effective delivery. 
We do hope these tips (along with a few deep breaths beforehand!) will help you to become the most dynamic and engaging public speaker possible.

Could a Cloud Solution Save You Money?

Any change to your business means assessing the initial cost, the long-term costs, and the potential savings.

Your company’s phone and data systems are critical to your ability to run your business efficiently – connecting with clients and customers reliably.  If you switch to one of the available cloud data and VoIP service providers, will that help or hurt your business efficiency?  Does the partner managing the migration understand the impact and how to pull it off transparently?  And most importantly, what will it do to your bottom line?

Connectivity Savings

Whether you have customers around the world or on opposite coasts, connecting to them reliably and affordably is essential. Using the right systems (that easily integrate) makes communicating anywhere affordable no matter the distance. 

Reliability of VoIP and Data

You need to be able to rely on your voice (phone system) and data systems.  Downtime can cost you valuable hours of productivity.  Aurelius uses best in breed products like ShoreTel and Meraki to insure reliable connectivity as well as scalability.

When Productivity Increases, Profits Do Too

The connectivity of the modern world means that in a huge range of industries more employees are able to work remotely. While this can make for happier employees and lower overhead costs, unreliable voice and data systems can eat up hours of productivity. Our expertise lets remote employees access the same phone system and data network – with the same reliability – as employees that are in house. Increased reliability means increased productivity, which means more efficient employees. When you can do more with fewer, happier employees, you can save a lot on payroll costs.

Long Term Cost Benefits

The long-term cost benefits of Aurelius designed voice and data solutions are real. Whereas standard data networks, phone systems and voice/data lines may need to be upgraded every few years, this is a non-issue for our designs that work over regular internet lines on a “bring your own bandwidth” model. And when the system does need upgrading, the expensive infrastructure and software is in the cloud and firmware is pushed out to your devices. Furthermore, most premise based solutions have technical training and support costs annually, our Aurelius cloud solutions include support and ongoing training as part of your monthly fees.

Increased Call Security

With 43% of companies experiencing some type of data breach in 2014, concerns about security are at an all-time high. Unlike many standard voice and data solutions, Aurelius uses industry standard protocols and our VoIP is delivered over an encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) to offer increased security for the security of your business and safety of your employees as well as your customers.

Switching to a Cloud service providers can certainly save your business money. Of course, the actual savings will vary depending on experts in the field of voice and data cloud solutions deploying a solution that is tailored to your needs that can be implemented and maintained without downtime.