The Aurelius Cloud allows existing businesses to enhance their communications solution without spending the capital normally required to install a Unified Communications Platform. Instead of owning the Server, Appliances and Software you can pay as you go like using a Verizon or AT&T cellphone. Buy the telephone or rent the telephone, the choice is yours.

What does it mean for your business to use our Unified Communications Platform in the Cloud?

  • Instantly collaborate with your team and your customers. Using the ShoreTel Communicator you can start a Web Conference by the click of your mouse, share your desktop or allow your customer to share theirs.
  • Need to get that important information for the customer you are talking to NOW without putting them on hold or hanging up?
    • Integrated Presence allows you to see if a co-worker is on the phone or at their desk.
    • Instant message your co-worker and get the answers you need NOW, impress the customer and save time.
  • Never Miss a Call. Use one of many mobility features so the call you are waiting for doesn't keep you chained to your desk:
    • Press "1" to Find Me from your voicemail
    • Simultaneously ring your desk and your cell phone
    • Extension assign your call control to any 10-digit telephone number
  • Improve Business Intelligence. Use our reporting tools as a strategic part of your business. Identify trends, employee productivity and even monitor marketing activities to identify the best place to spend your hard earned money.

What if I have an existing ShoreTel Solution?

The Aurelius Cloud allows existing ShoreTel VoIP system deployments to convert effortlessly to the Aurelius Cloud powered by ShoreTel!

  • Instantly upgrade to the latest ShoreTel software version
  • Add features that most SMB's haven't spent the $5,000 - $10,000 CapEx to install
    • Buddy List user Presence
    • Internal Instant Messaging
    • Audio and Web Conferencing
  • Maintain survivable telephone lines at your office
  • Stop the technology tail chase (like replacing your SBE Server every 2-5 years)
  • Add Intuitive and Customizable Reporting only provided by the Aurelius Cloud

How does this save your business money?

  • SBE Server upgrades cost $1,800 to $3,500 every 2-5 years
  • Annual and Multi-year Hardware/Software Support from ShoreTel could be costing you $600 or more annually for a Small Business Edition (SBE)
  • Maintenance costs to your current ShoreTel vendor are replaced by our Cloud Solution
  • Reduce or completely eliminate your existing local telephone line and National Long Distance service costs (dependent upon current contract terms and level of redundancy required)
  • Avoid a $5,000 - $10,000 upgrade to add fully Unified Communications (Audio & Web Conferencing, Instant Screen Sharing, Instant Messaging and Buddy List user Presence)
  • Decrease or eliminate spending on Audio & Web Services like GoToMeeting or WebEx
  • Maintain your communications in a Tier III Fully Redundant PCI and HIPAA Compliant Cloud environment

Managed Premise Voice

Aurelius technology can also transform the way you manage your IT and voice assets and provide technical support. Our fully-integrated managed IT services model provides 24x7x365 helpdesk support along with monitoring and managing your premise voice solution, servers, desktops, routing, switching and even your firewall(s).