There are too many companies that are built to serve themselves and not their customers. When Aurelius started on November 14, 2014, we agreed on a few key tenants to anchor our company with; Focus, Dedication and Integrity

  1. FOCUS – We have selected the best products in the marketplace within their technology niche. ShoreTel for Premise and Cloud Unified Communications and Contact Center Solutions. Cisco Meraki for data networking, security and switching. Microsoft for Cloud email and office solutions. VMware for desktop and server virtualization. dvsAnalytics for voice/screen logging and quality management. We are experts in what we do, our objective is to know our core FOCUS products and WOW our customers. We will NOT deliver too many products with too little of an understanding at the price of customer satisfaction!
  2. DEDICATION – The customer comes first. Our job is to make our customers’ company, our customer contacts and their customers happy. We are committed to delivering on our commitments and exceeding the expectations of those people that partner with us. If you succeed then we succeed.
  3. INTEGRITY – If our solution doesn’t increase your revenue, improve your company image, raise employee productivity, deliver greater efficiency or instill a sense of safety, security and stability – then you shouldn’t buy it! We have hand selected key products and services that our experience has shown will help our customers, yes we are in business to make money but it is our belief that if you make money then we will make money.

Who is Aurelius?

Our company, Aurelius, serves to keep you safe from less qualified provider issues and as our customer, knowing that our technological intellect will always be superior. Every day we reflect to see the change, and adapt to better ourselves in providing solutions that are right for our customer.

We won't sell a product just to sell it, we would rather build a relationship with a customer and offer the proper solution regardless of our margins.

We wanted a company name that provided a theme but - a theme that has a purpose. Who better to use than Marcus Aurelius? As Emperor of Rome from 161-180, Marcus Aurelius kept the empire safe from the Parthians and Germans, but is best known for his intellectual pursuits. He was the last of the five good emperors and considered to be one of the last Stoic Philosophers. He is known for writing "Meditations", a series of personal writings divided within 12 books that chronicle different periods of his life and is stoic philosophies.